Characters needed for a long-running RP!

We’re an established non-para Glee roleplay that has been running steadily for two years now, we do not 100% directly follow the storylines of the show itself but incorporate from the show as it airs as we see fits with our adjustments.

If you join 10 posts a day is a bare minimum, as we’re so active you will get drowned out if you can’t keep up with at least that much. We’re a dedicated and friendly bunch who aren’t likely to die off soon and would love to have some empty spots filled up!

Bolded characters are most needed.

Currently Needed Characters:

If you are interested in any of the above characters, please check out our rules and contact this account, leaving me some basic info about you.

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Joining and General Requirements

Must be approved to join.

Stay active, 10 posts a day minimum.

We are a non-para roleplay.

Stay in character and keep the OOC to a minimum.

Appreciate your followers and anons.

Ignore and delete flames, don’t continue fights.

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Directory of Current Characters.



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